Visit Boisduluc museum

Visit “Pairi Daiza” the nicest nature Park of Europe

Discover Braine-le-Comte

Cultural activities

Sports : Sportoase

Visit the “Plan incliné of Ronquières”

it was built to conpensate a difference of 68 metres between the levels of the New 135ton channel connecting Charleroi to Brussels.

Parcs, Channels and Castles of the region.

Mons 2015, Capitale de la culture

Nice forest “La Houssière” of 600ha between the villages of Henripont and Virginal with sport and cycle track.

The capital city Brussels is but 30km away

Gastronomy: local beers, cheese, choclate…

Be Welcome!
Wathever the length of your stay, you will leave the gite with one single wish: being back as soon as possible!